Gubalowka (1120m above sea-level)

Extensive hill with gentle slopes on the border of Zakopane and Kościelisko .. Situated 1 km from the apartments CONVALLIS. In winter, the slopes are excellent terrain for downhill skiing. The most popular is the downhill slope ‘Polana Szymoszkowa”.Ski areas are concentrated in southern and eastern slopes of Gubałówka. The fields and slopes are artificially snowed and partially illuminated.On the exercise shelves under the guidance of instructors, you can start learning to ski, or hone your skills.It works here funicular railways and ski lift Górna Polana Gubałowki-Upper Glade Gubałówka.

Downhill skiing:
1.Main route of Gubałówka: altitude difference: 300 m, length 1600 m, the scale of difficulty: moderately difficult;
2.Upper Glade Gubałówka: altitude difference: 70 m, length: 300 m, the scale of difficulty: easy

Downhill Snowboard: Glade Gubałówka halfpipe – Snowboard gutter, length: 100 m,
wall height of 2.2 m, slope: 16%, width: 13 m;
In addition to lifts of the PKL Gubałówka you can use a few private lifts.


ki resort Witów-Ski: it is the right place to indulge the winter madness in the beautiful scenery of Western Tatras.It is located about 5 km away from CONVALLIS. Available to tourists: a ski lift for children and beginners, ski and snowboard school run by Jagna Marczułajtis, ski rental and a restaurant with parking.
Ski and Snowboard Infrastructure:
Chairlift – 4-seater chair lift of company Doppelmeyer with a capacity of 2200 people / hour., length 1000m and elevation difference 150m.
Ski lift – for the youngest beginners, with a length of 120m and the elevation difference of a mild decline.
All routes are snow, illuminated, with speakers. Trained staff of TOPR provides security as well as security guards having a license and monitoring is distributed all over the slope. An additional advantage is also a magnetic card, which make the purchase of points, having no fear that we fail to take advantage of all journeys.

NOSAL (1206m n.p.m)

The summit is located a short distance from the center of Zakopane. Along with extending at his foot Glade under Nosal it is perfect terrain for downhill skiing with varying degrees of difficulty. Complex of ski lifts 145-250 m in length is suitable for children. Routs for advanced skiers difficult and very difficult are supported by the ski lift with a length of 450 m and 130 m difference in height and the chair lift with a length of 600 m and 230 m difference in height, which runs along the slalom.

KASPROWY WIERCH (1987m n.p.m.)

It is the most often visited summit of the Polish Tatra mountains and downhill skiing center at the same time, due to the winter values of land in the form of long residual snow cover and a modern infrastructure.There in a building of the upper cableway station situated slightly below the top is a bar, ski storage, and office of TOPR. At the top there is also active meteorological observatory built in 1938 – the highest located building in Poland. The skiers can use two chair lifts – a smaller and milder in the Valley Gąsienicowa and more difficult in the Valley Goryczkowa.
Chairlift “Gasiennicowa” -for four people, built in 1962, length 1156 m elevation difference of 351 m.
Chairlift “Goryczkowa” – for two people built in 1969, length 1736 m elevation difference of 602 m.
From Kasprowy Wierch to Kuźnice lead two longest ski routes in Poland, the elevation difference of over 900 m.Route: Kasprowy – Valley Goryczkowa – Kuźnice is about 5 km long and does not pose a difficulty for skiers. Much more difficult is the downhill: Kasprowy – Valley Gąsiennicowa – Kuźnice 9700 m in length with a cumbersome approach from Gąsiennicowa toward Glade Rówień Queen and several dangerous corners
in the region Olczyska Valley and Nosal Pass.


They are located about 20 km away from the apartments CONVALLIS. Ski lifts Kaniówka s.c. are covered by the common system of cash and ticket based on chip cards. In a joint working system there are also ski lifts Bania and Kotelnica Białczańska. Information about facilities:
Resort “Kaniówka sc”: a complex of three lifts at the upper part of Białka Tarzańska.Resort has free parking for coaches. In the area of the lower lift station is a rental shop, ski school, two restaurants. Ski lifts are artificially snowed and lighted, the route prepared by snow groomers. Next to the lift is also a ski school.
Near the upper lift station is a restaurant having the nature of fast food.
Resort “Na Bani”- “On the Bania” – BANIA Ski Resort is located next to ski resort KOTELNICA. Bania offers 3 ski lifts for beginners and 4-person chairlift. Bania is connected with Kotelnica by ski route as well as you can get there on foot, approximately 40m to the lower chairlift station. All Bania slopes are illuminated,with speakers and prepared by snow machines. In the resort there are sports equipment rental, service, school of skiing and snowboarding, gastronomy. This is an excellent base for beginners and intermediate skiers. Next to the lifts is a large, free parking for cars and coaches.
Resort “Kotelnica Białczańska” – The resort has five lifts:

cableway 6 pers. a length of 1350m and 200m altitude difference, the lift capacity of about 3000 persons / h, travel time 4.5 min.;
cableway 3 pers. length 1380m and 210m altitude difference, the lift capacity, approximately 1200 persons / h, cruising speed, approximately 2m/s;
cableway 4 pers. length 800m and 170m altitude difference, the lift capacity, approximately 2000 persons/h, speed, about 2.5 m/s;
2 ski lifts, each with a length of 690m and 155m altitude difference, lifts capacity is 2 x 1000 people/h, speed, about 3.2 m/s. Slopes are marked out so that both skiers and snowboarders having different driving skills can use them.
There are 4 ski runs – along the rail car, length 1400m;
Three routes leading to the ski lifts, the first of them next to the lifts hard, having approvals FIS, two others are mild.

All available ski slopes of the resort Kotelnica Białczańska are artificially snowed and illuminated and of cou rse every day prepared by snow groomers.